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Copper Casting description :

Copper casting can be used to produce parts in shapes that cannot be easily attained with fabrication techniques, such as - forming or machining. The composition of copper casting alloys may differ from those of their wrought counterparts for a variety of reasons. Usually casting allows greater latitude in the application of alloying elements, because the effects of composition on cold or hot working properties are not significant.
Most of the copper-base casting alloys that contain tin, lead or zinc have moderate tensile and yield strengths, low to medium hardness, and high elongation. In applications that require high tensile or yield strength, the aluminum bronzes, silicon brasses, manganese bronzes, silicon bronzes and some nickel silvers are used instead. Most of the high strength alloys have good resistance to corrosion and wear.
The properties of castings depend on the size of section and the process of casting. Copper Castings,Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory, Exporter in china.

We manufacture quality Copper Castings , Copper Castings , Aluminum Castings , Iron Castings , Steel Castings , Casting Machining and so on.

Company Introduce :

Ningbo Tiancheng Casting& Machining Manufacturer is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of various casting parts and machining parts .

Ningbo Tiancheng located in Ningbo, the famous port city in Ningbo. The factory was founded in 1998, over the years , we have grown from 70 workers to 250 ,from only one foundry to three foundries and a machining center ,and we are still growing. Growing to meet your mechanical component requirements. The output for brass,aluminum casting is 1000tons per year, for casting iron is 300tons, for the others material is about 1000tons. We believe that the output will be more next year.

Our Advantage is the foundry is separate, differenct foundry for different material,This process is best for the quality of the parts. We also have a machining center . We have strong commitment to service, quality, and innovation. Our commitment begins with using the best available equipment, materials, people, processes, and technology to manufacture your investment casting,sand casting,die casting and machining components. Our goal is to produce on time, cost effective.

Utilizing the investment casting ,sand casting,die casting, Tiancheng casts a full range of shapes and configurations, from simple to complex shapes. Over 150 different alloys are poured such as nickel base, brass, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, low alloy, tool steels, cast iron and PPT hardening stainless steels. Our very board alloy selection helps you to select the alloy that is best suited for your application and will enhance your part performance.

The products refer to the industries of automobile, Marine, valve and pipe fittings, construction, engineering, mining machinery, railway,hardwares, power transmission line as well as non magnetic stainless steel castings in Electronics field. The producta are exported to U.S.A, European countries, North of Africa,southeast of Asian.

Ningbo Tiancheng is dedicated to supplying you with excellent service and quality.

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